Curiosity in L&D

Continuing on the theme of Learning at Work Week #NLAWWeek I would recommend listening to The GoodPractice Podcast; How important is curiosity in L&D? GoodPractice discusses;

  • What does curiosity mean to you
  • Should L&D professionals be more curious than the average person?
  • Has L&D been curious about the right things?
  • How can L&D encourage change if we don’t change?

The podcast highlights – just because the organisation has identified it
as important it doesn’t mean people will be curious about it. Owen Ferguson asks;

“To what extend do employees care about this thing the organisation has identified as being important?”

L&D should be curious about the workforce rather than what’s going on in our own profession. An employee centred approach to design and development can help engage employees and motivate them to improve themselves and learn something.

This follows on from the main thing I took away from last week’s CIPD L&D show. Put the learners first – forget about the “shiny things”, new tech, the cost – without the learners and a desire for knowledge where would L&D be?

Listen to How important is curiosity in L&D? from GoodPractice Podcast in Podcasts.
The views and opinions expressed in the podcast shared are solely those of the original authors and other contributors. These views do not necessarily reflect those of Focus N Develop

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