Professional Practice

Its that time of year again where my CIPD membership needs renewing and which gives me an opportunity to complete a review of my membership and look at what the CIPD offer members.

I’m fascinated to see that a new Professional Standards Framework is being developed and is currently in consultation. Once launched this hopefully will define who HR & L&D professionals are and help us to make a real difference to people lives.

CIPD is looking at how it can support better working lives now and in the future. The Professional Principles will represent what the institute stands for, their aims and give the profession an identity.

The below is taken from the CIPD website:


Our professional principles for better work and working lives

Work matters

  • Work can and should be a force for good – for organisations, workers and the communities, societies and economies they’re part of.
  • Good work is purposeful; it is designed to help everyone use their skills and talents effectively and find personal meaning in the work they do.
  • Good work is safe and inclusive; it recognises contribution in a fair manner and values human connection.
  • Good work exists for the long-term benefit of individuals, organisations and society, and balances economic needs with social accountability.

People matter

  • People are fundamental to businesses and organisations; they are unique and worthy of care, understanding and investment.
  • People should have access and opportunity to work, and be provided with the support, development and resources to be effective; in turn, individuals have a personal responsibility for their work, development and behaviour.
  • People deserve to be treated fairly and have a meaningful voice on matters that affect them, in addition to their rights and protection under law.

Professionalism matters

For the people profession this means:

  • being ambassadors for the profession by acting with integrity and championing better work and working lives in all we do
  • a commitment to continually develop, and to make decisions which are principles-led, evidence-based and outcomes-driven
  • bringing our expertise on people, work and change, together with our understanding of how business creates value for all, to balance the risks and opportunities inherent in any organisation
  • understanding the implications of our decisions beyond the interests our own organisations, for the good of wider society.

Currently, as the professional body for HR and people development the CIPD require all members to adhere to standard behaviours set out in their Code of Professional Conduct.  This details 19 points under the headings;

  1. Professional Competence and Behaviour,
  2. Ethical Standards and Integrity,
  3. Representative of the profession,
  4. Stewardship.

It would come as a surprise if these are updated, if not replaced, when the professional standards framework is launched.

Personally, I am terribly unprofessional at times – nothing unethical or conflicting to business needs – I like a chat and a laugh! I need to learn to restrain myself and consider the effects on the environment and others around me. So my focus throughout June 2017 is going to be professional practice, delving into; maintaining knowledge and competence, personal behaviour, emotion at work and creditability. 

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