Emotion at Work Podcast

I recently attended an event facilitated by @PhilWilcox about Emotion at work. We delved into credibility, authenticity and deception. Phil is extremely passionate and (in his words) gets geekly excited about this subject. I was delighted to see he has recently started a new podcast; Emotion at Work. During Episode 3 *SPECIAL EDITION* from the CIPD L&D show Phil interviews a range of individuals about emotion at work.

Peter Cheese, CIPD Chief Executive, understands how important this subject is and explains why it should be at the forefront of business. Phil and Peter talk about the fact not everyone is happy at work which is the only acceptable emotion. Angry, offended and frustrated are negative emotions and so people squash these feelings down which can lead to stress – the biggest cause of absenteeism at work.

Is it British culture not to talk about feelings or is emotion at work still a taboo subject?

Business leaders need to acknowledge that the younger generation are less resilient and coaching, mindfulness and reflection should be encouraged in workplaces. Peter explains that such culture change starts with individuals – do you know how your emotions affect you or those around you?

Jo Cook , Training Journal, discusses using emotions whilst learning and highlights that individuals have to be emotionally invested in something before it can be learnt. Story telling can stir emotion, however this doesn’t guarantee retention of objectives – it may just be that particular part of the training experience which is remembered.

The podcast goes on to discuss social media and impression management. Once again highlighting people only share happy posts. People may have clear network boundaries where the version that is portrayed is edited depending on the platform? For example, Facebook is used for family and friend, where as LinkedIn is a more professional image. The same impression management can be said about how people act and behave at work?


A thought provoking @DerbyNottsCIPD session about credibility and authenticity with @PhilWillcox pic.twitter.com/b7Opc2jyD2
23 May 2017, 21:17

If you have an opportunity to attend any of Phil’s sessions I would highly recommend it, however  with the release of the Emotion at Work Podcast you can listen and learn more about this fascinating subject at your convenance.

The views and opinions expressed in the podcast shared are solely those of the original authors and other contributors. These views do not necessarily reflect those of Focus N Develop.

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