Science of Learning event

Last night I attended a Derbyshire & Notts CIPD branch event. Amy Brann facilitated an intriguing session about the Science of Learning, Amy is extremely passionate about how the brain functions , she has authored 3 books and works for Synaptic Potential.

The first company dedicated to bridging the gap between scientists and organizations.

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Amy explored neuroscience explaining about Dopamine – the drug we all crave as it activates our reward systems.

As it was National Stress Day 2017, it was fitting to discuss stress and how this not only makes us ill, but also affects the prefrontal cortex which then doesn’t support learning.

Neuroplasticity confirms you can teach an old dog new tricks and these neuronal pathways change to the world around you – basically we can re-wire our brain. Therefore it is worth considering the environment as this could be a positive or negative change. Not only does Neuroplasticity allow us to adapt our thoughts, it also supports our health as active and healthy brains reduce the change of damage later in life.

Amy explained that neuroscience is not a new idea, it is a better understanding of the science which validates existing methods and models. I have read sections of The Secret and my, basic, understanding of neuroplasticity seems to back up the methodology contained in their philosophy.

Last nights session was fascinating and as such I am going to look into this area in more detail aiming to implement it in my daily work within L&D.

I would love to hear if you have tried to apply neuroscience to any of your learning and development solutions.


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