#LT18uk – Lunchtime Session – D1L1 – 31/01/2018


D1L1: Designing a modern learning programme

Speaker / Facilitator

Sukhvinder Pabial

Key takeaways

Please ignore the digital scruffy hand writing!

For further information about this topic please see: https://pabial.wordpress.com/2018/01/30/modern-learning-its-in-the-design/

3 thoughts on “#LT18uk – Lunchtime Session – D1L1 – 31/01/2018

  1. Sukh Pabial says:

    Hi Nikki, this is such a great way of capturing my talk with this sketchnote. It’s such a good visual representation!

    Could you kindly amend my name in the blog post? – Sukhvinder Pabial.



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