#LT18uk – Opening Address – OA1 – 31/01/2018

The Learning Technologies Conference is officially open!


OA1: Emerging Technologies: How advances in science and technology could transform the way we live, work and learn.

Speaker / Facilitator

Rohit Talwar

Donald Taylor

Key Takeaways

  • AI is going to be very disruptive to the workplace – it can support the learning journey, however there will be automation of certain jobs
  • Change is happening quicker than anyone anticipated
  • Technology will be in every element of our lives (food and objects)
  • L&D can support learners adapt to the new world, mental health and support those who have been made redundant
  • How children are educated will effect how business is run
  • An idea of the how the digital world will affect business in the next 4-10 years should influence business strategies
  • All technology can be used as a learning platform

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