What is learning design #BlogEveryDay

In yesterdays post I looked at what design is and so it only seems fitting to explore what learning design is as well.

The below abstract is taken from ‘Designing, Delivering and Evaluating L&D: Essentials For Practice‘.

according to the CIPD training is defined as ‘an instructor-led’, content-based intervention, leading to desired changes in behaviour.’ Where as, learning is a self-directed, work based process, leading to increased adaptive potential.

I believe learning design covers both training and learning, it makes no difference if it is instructor-led or self-directed using resources.

Designing learning helps learners engage with the subject using an experience which is supported by materials or their environment. Effective learning design is the map to the learners journey and plans how the content will be presented to support the individual take the next step to increase their knowledge or skill level.

I am always astonished when people say ‘learning design doesn’t apply to me’. If you write a lesson plan you are designing learning, you have think of creative ways to get people interested and spark their curiosity to keep listening. You decide upon the flow of a session and when certain pieces of information with be presented and allow time to reflect and review on their journey. That is designing learning.

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