Observational feedback #BlogEveryDay

So the learning solution has been designed; the learning outcome agreed and activities selected.  You have developed the 1st version and this has gone to testing. What now? Evaluation. What is the best way to collect the views of the people who have experienced the learning event?

I have recently sat with my testing group and observed them use the eLearning course I created. This was invaluable and I identified more things that I would have if I’d asked for written feedback. I was able to see if the instructional direction was clear and if the activities included were easy to complete.

Those who read my posts regularly you may have already realised, grammar isn’t my strongest point and so I always find it useful to send my learning solutions to someone who will look at the overall information with a critical eye. I would never remove this element of testing and evaluation, but in the future I will try to complete observations also.

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