Smartphone Video Training

Yesterday I attended the Girlguiding Trainers Conference 2019 and spent the day with the Digital Zone in the ‘have a go’ area alongside two other external facilitators Piers Ansell and Emma Gray. It was lovely to see Trainers look at a variety of digital learning solutions, think of ways they could be embedded into their sessions and have a go at creating interactive quiz’s, apps, QR codes, Word-clouds and Video.

The women who joined my smartphone video training were laughing and enjoying experimenting with their cameras testing the do’s and don’t’s. As GirlGuiding have recently added a Vlogging badge I focused on presenting to the camera and shared tips and techniques to get the best footage using a smartphone.

It was great to see so many people get their phones out to film their reflections or an introduction. These were then shared on the events back channel, regional social channels or their personal social media and blogs.

This video doesn’t exist

The zones Word-Cloud collected instant feedback and it’s encouraging to see video featuring:

  • Video isn’t scary
  • Film stars in the making
  • Fantastic video fun
  • Filming can (be) fun

Digital in learning can raise negative comments and on occasion can be quite intimidating, especially if traditional training is the only method used. We heard many positive comments throughout the day. After having a go, people could see how digital could enhance certain elements of their training and left the Digital Zone with:

  • Confidence
  • Great ideas
  • Sense of achievement

Somebody even discovered the meaning of life!

Michelle Parry-Slater and team should be really proud of designing and coordinating a fabulous event. It was a wonderful learning experience with different areas to suit everyone’s preferences and lots of information and activities to help shape the future of training within Girlguiding.

If you think video would be beneficial but, like the Girlguiding Trainers, are unsure where to start join me on a Video Walks or get in touch to see how I can support your video learning journey.

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