Video Walks (Archived)

Everyone has the software to create videos and we carry it around in our pocket. Focus ‘n Develop is passionate about promoting video production skills using equipment freely available.

Founder, Niki Hobson offers monthly Video Walks in Derby, UK, and facilitates an online community where individuals can discover the wonders of Smartphone videography and share videos, tips and experiences capturing film on their phone.

It is easy to take part in Video Walks, register on an event or pick a time and a place that suits you and take part virtually. Just follow 5 simple steps:

Focus on the equipment freely available to you. This doesn’t require any specific apps or software, the aim is to provide an opportunity to see what your phone is capable of. Make sure your battery is fully charged!

Get some fresh air, step away from your daily tasks and focus on something else for a short period of time. Stanford researchers found that walking, indoors or outdoors, boosts creative inspiration.

Interpret the Video Walks themes in any way you like and capture what ever footage takes your fancy. This could be moving imagery or a series of photographs presented in a slide show and could range from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. The choice is yours – let your imagination run wild!

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different features on your phone. What about downloading a new app which could provide filters or give you an opportunity to edit your video clips together? Develop your creativity and skills using your smartphone camera.

Use the hashtag #VideoWalks. It would be great if you could also include a short description of where the video was taken and what you learnt whilst creating the video.

Video Walks 2021 Themes

  • January – Creative
  • February – DIY
  • March – Well-being
  • April – Local Area
  • May – Products
  • June – Recipe
  • July – Fitness
  • August – Garden
  • September – Organisation
  • October – Nightlife
  • November – Cozy
  • December – Christmas

Video Walks 2020 Themes

  • January – Smile
  • February – City
  • March – Spring
  • April – Eggs
  • May – Digital
  • June – Sky
  • July – Learning
  • August – Holiday
  • September – Food
  • October – Shadows
  • November – Smoke
  • December – Texture

Video Walks 2019 Themes

  • January – Frozen
  • February – Community
  • March – Water
  • April – British
  • May – Structures
  • June – Pets
  • July – Sport
  • August – Flowers
  • September – Colour
  • October – Halloween
  • November – Trees
  • December – Lights


You take part in Video Walk at your own risk. You are responsible for your own insurance and the insurance of your equipment. Focus ’n Develop does not accept liability for any injury, loss or accident to yourself or your possessions during a Video Walk.