Focus ‘n Develop offer a range of services which help at any stage of your video learning journey and  we would love to support you create engaging training videos. If you think we can help your project in any way, please contact us.

LEarning Design

Bespoke Training Videos

In conjunction with subject matter experts, Focus ’n Develop will design, film and edit bespoke training videos which meet specific organisational objectives. This could range from a one of short video or a series of videos which can be made available at the point of need. 

Other Learning Experiences

Niki can design a variety of learning experiences including; eLearning, interactive guides  and infographics which are engaging and support the organisations learning culture.

Trainer in Video Production

Focus ’n Develop delivers an introduction course in ‘Filming & Editing Training Videos’ which can then be extended into a practical train the trainer session. This provides in-house Learning & Development teams an opportunity to develop skills in video production and use these skills to create training videos with the equipment available to them.

Video EDitor

If you are able to capture the footage in-house but are unsure about how to edit it together Focus ’n Develop can can help. Niki will edit your footage to a set brief and create either a range of short clips or a longer video.