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Our passion is to promote the use of video and support individuals and businesses develop skills in video production

Some organisations want you to believe that you have to invest in specialised equipment to create in-house videos or spend your budget on expensive services – this isn’t the case.

Anyone can create video, all you need is a smartphone!

Benefits of video

People are increasing using video to learn more about a product or service. How are you using it to influence buying decisions, build trust with your audience and to raise your brand awareness?

Video is trusted by 9 out of 10 businesses.

It is being adopted for sales and marketing to reach customers as well as internal communication and employee training.

How are you incorporating videos into your campaigns and strategy?

Smartphone Video Training

Poor quality videos is one of the main concerns when starting to introduce video. This can easily be overcome by learning some easy techniques in how to create videos with your smartphone.

Niki Hobson delivers comprehensive Smartphone Video Training which provides hands-on experience of capturing and editing video with freely available equipment.

What kit do I need?

When you attend a training course you will have access to a Smartphone Video Toolkit, the only thing you need to provide is your phone.

The Smartphone Video Toolkit contains all the equipment you need to create professional looking video with your phone.

The little book of Video Learning

In collaboration with The Charity Learning Consortium, Niki wrote The little book of Video Learning.

‘Fast forward’ your understanding
of video creation

Niki Hobson

Niki Hobson is an experienced learning designer who has worked within the private, public and voluntary sector designing, delivering and managing a diverse range of training programs.

After graduating with a degree in TV & Film Design, Niki worked in the UK film industry working on a variety of independent short and feature films. Niki then became a manager of a multiplex cinema and found her passion for training so shifted her career into learning and development.

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