Comparisons to photography and digital learning

Having just watched a multimedia lecture about Daguerreotype, the first commercially successful photographic process, in the V&A’s Dark tent in the newly opened Photography Centre I have started to compare photography with digital learning.

There has always been a fixation around capturing the world using chemistry and light.

This got me thinking about digital learning solutions. As learning and development professionals we are all aiming to align employees to the same behaviour, vision or way of doing things and look for ways to capture and express this ‘vision’. We are informed by the business leaders what the ‘vision’ is and we teach this to others. Historically we taught using face-to-face methods and as technology advances we have adapted this method and have started to use digital solutions.

In my opinion, photography is a snap shot of the world thought the artists eyes – a legacy of how that person perceives the world. Is digital learning a way of capturing the ideal version of the working world in a format which will last for years to come and continue the organisations legacy?

Since the first photograph was captured there has been many enhancements  in the developing process to make photography cheaper and easier. Digital Learning is going through a similar process, photography is now available to anyone with a smartphone and learning can be accessed 24/7 on most mobile devices.

The question I leave you with, as I move onto the next room is… How do we ensure that the correct ‘vision’ is being projected to our audience?

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