Equipment for Smartphone Video

The Smartphone Video Training sessions I deliver are hands-on and provide plenty of opportunities to capture video using your phone. One question I frequently get asked is ‘what equipment do you use and how much does the kit cost?’.

There are many options when considering investing in equipment to create professional video using your smartphone. You can buy separate items and slowly build a small collection or buy a complete Smartphone Video Rig.  A complete rig, in my opinion, contains a stabilisation grip, microphone and LED light and vary in price from £40 – £180.

stabilisation grip

A stabilisation grip is helpful to reduce the camera shake, whilst the rig will not remove movement completely it will be steadier than handheld video work. There are many different types of stabilisation devices on the market and it’s worth thinking about how much you want to invest.

All Video Rigs are designed to be handheld, but using a tripod will completely remove camera shake. Bendy Octopus tripods are great if you want use your phone in a variety of locations and are available in different heights.


I particularly like the BOYA microphones for smartphone recording. The sound quality is comparable to other mics available and the kit contains all the accessories required to plug in and record. BOYA mics are reasonable priced, get great reviews online and are recommended by Primal Video.

It’s worth investing in a Shotgun mic and a Lav mic, but consider the type of video you will be creating before purchasing. 


There are many portable LED lights, many of which can be  dimmed to give different lighting set ups. Some models contain shoe mount’s on top so you can stack lights together, if you’re in a dark location this feature can be very useful. 

Complete Kits

A complete Smartphone Video Rig containing the Boya BY-MM1 Microphone and an LED light will set you back around £70. Buying each item individually allows you to buy your preferred stabilisation grip, microphone and lights, but can be a more expensive option.

If you are creating video content with a tablet, the Padcaster Studio provides an ‘all-in-one mobile production suite’ which can fit into a rucksack and be easily transported. Having seen this equipment in use, it is a great starter kit for businesses who are serious about creating bespoke video content. also offer the Padcaster® Verse™ which;

‘turns any smartphone into a professional-grade mobile production studio’.

As with any piece of equipment you select, make sure you experiment with it. Why not create a short video inspired by this months Video Walks theme and get to know the features, capabilities and limitations of this new piece of kit.


Complete Kits

All prices sourced from and are accurate from date of publish.

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