The little book of Video Learning

Over a month ago I had the great delight of sharing The little book of Video Learning.

This was a project I’d been working on with The Charity Learning Consortium for a few months and one where I discovered so much about how people use video in their organisation.

After speaking to everyone involved, one thing stood out: don’t be afraid to give it a go and learn from the mistakes you make on the way.

There are lots of Top Tips throughout the book, the first being;

Start Small. Start by creating short videos which are easy to shoot and edit.

The different stages of a video project are broken down and delved into detail where I offer advice and more tips to help you create high-quality, low-cost videos to engage your learners.

  1. Scripting: Identifying your learning objectives and knowing how to get these across to the viewer using video.
  2. Planning: Who and what do you need, how will you capture this when you get to your ‘set’ and what equipment is required? Preparation is key.
  3. Filming: Pressing the record button and capturing the footage and/or voice-over.
  4. Editing: Creating a high-quality video with music and your organisation’s branding.
  5. Publishing: How will you share the video across your organisation and what platforms are available to do this?

To find out more, you can download The little book of Video Learning for free, along with the other titles in the series:

  • Induction
  • Webinars
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Coaching

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