How video makes you feel?

Do you remember how a film was shot or do you remember the story and emotions you felt?

This time last year 1917 was showing at cinemas across the UK and I went to see how a film was shot as it was made to look like it was one continuous take. I remember walking out of the cinema annoyed with myself because I got so drawn into the story that forgot to look at the technique used by Sam Mendes. On occasions the cinematography took my breath away but I was so emotionally involved that I missed most of the things I went to look for. I had to watch the film around 3/4 times to look at the film in the technical way I wanted to.

When we create any video, whether it’s an Oscar winning feature film or a short training or marketing video we need to remember that the content is key.

Take time in pre-production to think about your message and the best way to put it across. Write a script or create a draft storyboard before getting your camera out, so you know what and how to capture the main action which will draw your audience in. People shouldn’t notice that they’re watching a video so be carful with the use of transitions or ‘artist’ shots if it doesn’t add to the content.

Remember – Content is Key

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