Tips for professionals wanting to introduce video learning

I recently asked my Twitter followers a question;

Video production seems to be an intimidating area of work and people assume they have to match Hollywood standards. It would be lovely to produce videos of that quality, however I don’t think organisations have millions of pounds in their training budget to fund a training video!

Tips I would recommend to Learning & Development professionals who want to introduce video learning include:

Discover your brief

What is the training need? How are you going to convey the message?

Find support

Source online tutorials and experts who can advise you. There may be departments within your organisation who would be willing to help.

Be open

Tell the business what you are doing and share your progress.  This could help to get business leaders buy-in at a later date.

Give it a go

If it doesn’t work the first time, learn from your mistakes and try again. You have nothing to loose. 

Gather results

Show the business how video learning is supporting the workforce.

Keep it small

Don’t start with a 10 minute video or a series of ‘how to’ clips, start on a smaller project. You can cover a lot of detail in a short period of time using video.

Stick to filmmaking basics

You don’t need to make a piece of art. Follow visual language, use common shots and follow the rule of thirds.

If you want to know more about filmmaking basics tune into TLDCast ‘s event at 4pm, GMT.

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Hopefully see you there!

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