Guerrilla video learning

During Kineo’s week of webinars I attended their webinar Go Gurrilla – how to make memorable and affordable learning videos.

The 2 speakers, James and Mark, explained that Kineo have shot a variety of learning videos with a range of budgets. During the webinar they shared lots of practical tips for filming and advised on the range of equipment available.

You can watch this webinar on the Kineo website:

Video can pass on lots of information in a short period of time and is good for;

  • Knowledge capture
  • Point of view
  • Perspective
  • Reconstruction
  • Demonstration
  • Explanation
  • Authenticity
  • Up-to-date communications

There was a lot of focus on what you could achieve, if you follow some basic rules, with a smartphone. However, if the story is engaging rules can be broken.

Kineo recommend planning well before filming anything. Visualise your story, know how you will spark emotions with learners. Scope out your location, consider lighting, background noise and visual background, try to declutter the background, where possible. Plan your shots and order, but be flexible. Think about the 5 shot sequence;

  1. Wide shot
  2. Portrait
  3. Close up (face or hands)
  4. Over the shoulder / point of view
  5. What is happening (the demonstration / action)

Film a wild track for audio continuity as the ear picks up more errors that the eye. Kineo recommended investing in some good audio equipment and try to collect 2 audio sources – this could be an external device and the built in microphone.

The webinar was due to take an hour and due to the detail the speakers ended it around an hour and twenty minutes later. The slides, which were shared following the event, contain  further slides which weren’t discussed. There are some really good ideas which could easily be implemented within the workplace.

The below is a perfect example of a powerful learning point being demonstrated quickly and easily. Short videos like this could support a just-in-time learning and/or micro-learning strategy and be easily replicated using technology available to anyone with a smartphone.

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