Visual language in learning

When you use visual language you don't need to worry about your audiences first language. Everyone is visual literate. Wikipedia defines visual language as: a system of communication using visual elements. Diagrams, Maps, Paintings, Photographs and Film/Video all rely on visual communication and these can be used in learning to transmit a message which crosses language … Continue reading Visual language in learning

User-Generated Video Learning

Marketing teams have started using videos made by Influencers and organisations are finding these videos are heavily impacting buying decisions. Consider Chewbacca Mom, a lady who filmed herself in the car with a new electronic Chewbacca mask. Her absolute delight was the most watched Facebook Live video in 2016 and by the end of … Continue reading User-Generated Video Learning

A learning designers product #BlogEveryDay

In my opinion, the brain is a learning designers product. A car designer understands how a car works and ensures that the final design has enough room for the engine, brakes and other essential items. Learning designers need to understand how to firstly, motivate the brain so it becomes interested and secondly understand how to make the material … Continue reading A learning designers product #BlogEveryDay