Visual language in learning

When you use visual language you don't need to worry about your audiences first language. Everyone is visual literate. Wikipedia defines visual language as: a system of communication using visual elements. Diagrams, Maps, Paintings, Photographs and Film/Video all rely on visual communication and these can be used in learning to transmit a message which crosses language … Continue reading Visual language in learning

A learning designers product #BlogEveryDay

In my opinion, the brain is a learning designers product. A car designer understands how a car works and ensures that the final design has enough room for the engine, brakes and other essential items. Learning designers need to understand how to firstly, motivate the brain so it becomes interested and secondly understand how to make the material … Continue reading A learning designers product #BlogEveryDay

People Management – Training design is dead(ish)

I discovered an article written for People Management magazine Opinion: Training design is dead(ish). The author, Sheridan Webb discusses how social media is changing the way learning solutions are designed. With 20 years experience Sheridan has watched the industry change through the raise of the internet and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. … Continue reading People Management – Training design is dead(ish)

On the ninth day of Christmas my social network sent to me

Nine things educators need to know about the brain, Eight am #LdInsight chats, Seven skills needed for L&D, Six trends in L&D, Five myths about 70:20:10, Four elements of social learning, Three priorities for L&D to align to customer needs, Two parts of the learner voice, and a shot of curiosity. Every working day morning … Continue reading On the ninth day of Christmas my social network sent to me

Dopamine in learning

Since last weeks CPD event about Neuroscience I have been reading different articles as I would like to incorporate ways to release dopamine in any learning and development solution I create. In 2012 Martha Burns, Ph.D shared Dopamine and Learning: What The Brain’s Reward Center Can Teach Educators through Scientific Learning. Martha: refers to dopamine as the “save button” … Continue reading Dopamine in learning