Visual language in learning

When you use visual language you don't need to worry about your audiences first language. Everyone is visual literate. Wikipedia defines visual language as: a system of communication using visual elements. Diagrams, Maps, Paintings, Photographs and Film/Video all rely on visual communication and these can be used in learning to transmit a message which crosses language … Continue reading Visual language in learning

CIPD’s A to Z of Creative Learning Methods #BlogEveryDay

For #LearningAtWorkWeek, which takes place 13th - 17th May 2019, the CIPD L&D Content Team put together an interactive A to Z of Creative Learning Methods and created a video describing each method,  click here to watch this. Not only is this a useful guide to help identify activities to include when designing learning experiences, it is … Continue reading CIPD’s A to Z of Creative Learning Methods #BlogEveryDay

Writing for Instructional Design

I had the pleasure of attending Connie Malamed's session,  Instructional Design - Crash Course in Visual Design, at January's Learning Technologies event. Inspired, I ordered her book Visual Design Solutions on the train home and later downloaded the free ebook Writing for Instructional Design, both can be ordered via Connie explains that; "Writing is one of the most … Continue reading Writing for Instructional Design