YouTube and Self Directed Learning

Think with Goggle shared an article in Dec-17 Why you should lean into how-to content in 2018. Their research uncovered YouTube viewers don’t just want to be entertained by cat videos they are hungry for learning content.

Viewers aren’t just looking to brush up on skills they already have—they’re also hoping to acquire completely new ones. Of the viewers we spoke to, 86% said they regularly turn to YouTube to learn something new.

One thing YouTube is evidencing: video learning supports development and encourages self-directed learning. My post in Jan-17 discovered;

L&D departments aren’t successfully developing people. As such, employees believe that development opportunities aren’t possible in their current roles. Self-directed learning is becoming an essential part of career and personal development.

YouTube is supporting people in ways that many learning and development teams are unable to do. If you know what your objective is, YouTube will help you get their, keep you motivated and allow you an opportunity to learn from experience and mistakes. This platform also has the potential to support social and collective learning if viewers read or comment on the videos to share ideas and opinions.

If 86% of the 30 million YouTube visitors per day are engaging with on demand videos outside of work, current training solutions offered in the workplace may seem old fashioned. Video learning needs to be on the radar of all learning and development practitioners as the ‘how-to content’ appears to be meeting learning objectives set by motivated individuals.

People spoke most frequently of feeling “prepared,” “smarter,” and “inspired” after watching videos on YouTube.

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