How to improve creativity

Walking, inside or outside, improves creativity, influences cognition and improves physical fitness. Stanford released a research report following a study in 2014  claiming; Walking boosts creative ideation in real time and shortly after. It is well known that, Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs held walking meetings and others, such as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, see the benefit walking can have … Continue reading How to improve creativity

CIPD’s A to Z of Creative Learning Methods #BlogEveryDay

For #LearningAtWorkWeek, which takes place 13th - 17th May 2019, the CIPD L&D Content Team put together an interactive A to Z of Creative Learning Methods and created a video describing each method,  click here to watch this. Not only is this a useful guide to help identify activities to include when designing learning experiences, it is … Continue reading CIPD’s A to Z of Creative Learning Methods #BlogEveryDay

#LT18uk – Session 3 T3S3 – 31/01/2018

Session T3S3: Collaborative Technologies Speaker / Facilitator #letsgetsocial putting collaborative technologies to work for learning - Gemma Critchley Key Takeaways Get into the work and understand the problems that need resolving Learners need to understand the purpose of the benefit of the solution L&D are the Curators Connectors Collaborates Catalysts L&D should use the solution offered … Continue reading #LT18uk – Session 3 T3S3 – 31/01/2018