Weekly Video Challenge

I have been taking part in a weekly video challenge on Instagram organised by Cielo from TheStoryographist.

We’re 13 weeks into the year long project and some of the themes so far have included:

  • Hands
  • Unboxing
  • Reveal
  • The process of making something
  • Where you hang out
  • Introduce yourself
  • Something you do everyday

Here are 5 things I’ve discovered so far:

1. Planning is vital

Cielo sets a theme and you have the week to plan, film and edit. This is quite a turn around when you have a job, family and home to run. I started the year with the intention to go out and capture epic footage each week, the reality is I’m filming content with no planning when I find time. This means I’m capturing lots of unnecessary video and the edit is difficult.

If I planned before even picking up the camera, it would save time in the long run.

2. Keep it simple

Some of my most popular videos have been the simplest, like me driving. I only captured 4 or 5 clips, the limited footage meant I had to get to the point and quickly. No fancy set up shot, no long transitions, just me on the road.

It’s been a really good reminder to stick to the brief and don’t deviate from it.

3. Continue to experiment

Creating a video each week is allowing me to explore the camera, my gimbal and apps like FiLMiC Pro in ways I never normally would. I’ve also discovered new editing software which is compatible across all devices and available on IOS and Android.

I didn’t realise I was stuck in a rut, sticking to what I knew worked. It’s nice to break out and learn more.

4. Learn from others

I’ve loved seeing videos from other creators around the world. Watching their videos is a great source of inspiration and has made me examine my practice more. Coming from a learning and development background it’s wonderful to see a self made community learning from each other.

It’s important to ask questions to learn more, people will happily share how they created their video.

5. I’m still avoiding showing my face

A long time ago I said to a friend, ‘I’m going to appear on camera more’ and I keep finding every excuse not to. So far I’ve only shown my face once in a weekly challenge and even then I created a gag reel so I didn’t have to be serious.

Getting used to being on camera makes it easier to get the best out of people when they’re nervous – get over it.

Search #cielovideo52 in Instagram and watch everyone’s videos.

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